LLH Movie: The Power Marks HS lifeEdit



Patch: First day of HS!!!

Dexter: Let's make it memorable shall we?

PMC: Power Mark Crusaders , Let's Go!!

They sit next to their crushes.

Blanket sat next to Pete .

Patch sat next to Halre.

And Dexter sat next to Precilla.

Teacher Peachy enters the class.

Peachy: Good Morning Class!

All: Good Morning Teacher Peachy!

Peachy: Today we're gonna talk about science. Ok what are the different science classifications.

All: Raises their hands.

Peachy: Go on new guy!

Patch : Um , Biology , study of living things. Zoology , study of animals. Botany , study of plants , Astronmy , study of heavenly bodies. 

Peachy: Very nice for your first day!

Forest: Woah.. Don't go to far buddy.

Patch: Why?

Forest: Bea is going to be mad at someone that is better than her!

Peachy: Dexter! Please identify how to make a science conclusion.

Dexter: Expirement, Ughhhh... Conclusion?? Blip blop??

Peachy: Ok st down.. Suzette , give me three things you need in science.

Suzette: Test tube, Graduated cylinder , funnel..

Peachy: Impressive!

Bea: *staring at both Patch and Suzette* You two will fall to my hands!

Patch: *heard Bea* Come on! We just answered some question , more like recitation.. *grins*

Bea: Gah! 


Suzette and Halre: *giggles*

Suzette: I wasnt giggling.


Bea: Guys, get that boy.. And punch him till you can.. Girls slap her pull her hair till she falls in to the ground..

Patch: To unwise to think miss Bea.. *grins*

Bea: GAH!! You again! ATTACK!!

Patch: *blasts them by his laser eyes* Too weak!

Both the girls and boys she ordered just faught against each other.

Suzette: Wait , fighting.. I will totally join this club!

Bea: This aint a club!

Dexter: Now it is!!

Patch: I'm going to the library! *leaves*

Blanket: Me to!

Dexter: Wait *holds blanket tight * You aint going no where!!

Blanket: *slaps Dexter * No!

Vice Principal Kevin: You all are going on a detention!

All: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the Library

Patch: Now to read this Epic Science Gah! * bumps in to Ember and stand up and help ember stand * 

Ember: Thanks! What are you reading?

Patch: A-ahh Science book...

Ember: Let's sat at the most quietest part of the library shall we

Patch: *nervously nodded * 

Ember: Good lets go! *holds his hands*


Ember: *sits*

Patch: *sits* 

Ember: BTW can you help me with this science things.. Respiratory disorders..

Patch: *nervous* What do you need to unders-tand??

Ember: Pharyngitis , Asthma.. There

Patch: Pharyngitis is also called sore throat.. Asthma is an heredity disorder. People without this can also have this disorder , when they always got near to allergens..

Ember: thanks.. Umm youre smart...  Keep it up soo Bea wont get too boastful.. :) 

Patch: *smiles*

After 1 hour.. of reading..

Ember: Ohh! Sorry , Got to go!

Patch: *took of his glasses* Ok! Bye?

Ember: *blushes* goodbye *leaves*

At the Hallway..

Dexter: Ughh! Detention gives me the creeps!

Blanket: Let's just try not to be too stupid.. ITS  ALL YER FAULT Suzette!

Suzette: Its Beatrice's fault!

Blanket and Dexter: Beatrice?

Suzette: Bea's real name of course!

Blanket: Thats a real awesome name!

Dexter: To me it's dumb! She still made us get in to trouble..

Suzette: Lucky her Im not going to fight cuz of what happened..

Blanket: Why not just join Writers Club?

Dexter: Weak! Editors , Journalism? :O

Blanket: It's Awesome! You can't even notice the writers passion!

Dexter and Suzette: HAhahahah!

Blanket: Hmph! Fine!

Dexter: Let's go home.


  • Dexter arrived home *

Dyna: Hey Dexter!

Dexter: Yo!

Dyna: How's school?

Dexter: BAD! I got detentions and I coulnt answer in recitations..

Dyna: Good! I just hired you a tutor! here she is..

Precilla entered the room and smiled.

Dexter: Whoa! When do we start the tutoring?

Dyna: By tomorrow..

Dexter: *smiled real big*

Precilla: * smiled * I think we're gonna get along just fine!

Dexter: *nodded*

Dyna : Ok ,  Dexter go to bed.. and YUR GROUNDED!!

Dexter: Ughhh!! * stomping *

Dyna: for 2 months!!


  • raining*

Patch: Hmm... Strange.. The weather is ussually normal out here... *bumps to Ember*

Ember: You again! We should stop meeting like this..

Patch: O-ok.. Good night.. :)

Ember: Take Care!

Patch: The Everfree forest! *flies real fast*

At the Forest:

Patch: Petey? Are you there?

Petey: *chirp* course i am always here..


Blanket arrived home.

Pillow: Hey lil sis  *Yawn*!

Blanket: Still sleepy?

Pillow: Yes! *stretching* I bought you some cream puffs!

Blanket: SWEEET!!! *eats real fast*

Pillow: Have you gotten any smarter?

Blanket: I aint smart.. *keep munching*

Pillow: Ughh frika lavin.. Please just for one year , give me straight A's!

Blanket: Mo-kay! * munching*

Pillow: Dont talk when your mouth is full!

Blanket: M-emami-nd! (Translation: Nevermind)

Pillow: UGHHHH!! Go to bed whenever you feel like..

Blanket: Mo-kay!


In the Morning!

Ember: I gotta go to school now.. Im still sleepy..

At the Shed..

Patch: Goblins! Im sew late!! I gotta run to go to school!

Patch and Ember bumps in to each other..

Patch: Are you ok? *helps her stand*

Ember: Actually I would like to ... to.. Um can we go to the school together? *blushes*

Patch: *smiles* Shure!

Ember: *holds Patch's hands*