Ms. Miz: Oh NO!

Kid: What happened?

Halre: *Walks toward them* Yeah what happened?

Ms. Miz: The forest it's nothing but ashes now...

Kid: What should we do?

Ms. Miz: We should plant em' FAST!

Halre: One problem.... We don't have enough seeds!

Kid: I sense something....

Halre: What?

Kid: It's like an...... Evil People!

Ms. Miz: You're Blind But YOU HAVE AMAZING SENSE!

Kid: Of course Ima Pirate!

Halre: Ok..?? ... Now everybody get inside!

Everone goes inside the orphanage.


The whole orphanage became invisible.

Forest: The Canoli! I thought there was a orphanage nearby...

Ace: Me too..

Forest: Nah.. We must be hallucinating....

Ace: But...

Forest: Let's GO!


Halre: Phew! Good thing they did not notice!

Kid: Hmm..... This is sew strange.. I barley hear them go away... 

Halre: You must have just had something in your ear..

Mean Kids: Hey blind kid!

Kid: hey..??

Mean Kids: Could you go to the pantry? We're hungry!

Kid: But , Ms. Mizako told us we can't go there.. She is the only one who got access to that place.

Mean Kids: JUST DO IT! *shoves him to the ground*

Kid: Hmmm.... oh well..

Ms. Mizako saw the whole thing.

Ms. Miz: That was not nice!

Mean Kids: We're sorry..

Ms. Miz: You will not eat til' dinner!

Mean Kids: Ok... This is all your fault BLIND KID!! *leaves*

Halre: Hmm... You need a name...

Ms. Miz: Yes... Can I try?

Kid: Sure?

Ms. Miz: Peter? Alvin? Tark? Cole? Heat?

Kid: I can't choose..

Halre: How about.... Patch!

Ms. Miz: Ohh yeah! You got it from..??

Halre: The starting letters of the names you gave him!

Ms. Miz: Nice one Halre!

Patch: Now I don't feel akward!

Mean Kid 1: We should plan a revenge!

Mean Kid 2: Here, I got this poison from Halre's bag! 

Mean Kid 1: That's the vampire essence! If a mortal drink it, they will die!

Mean Kid 2: Perfect!

Mean Kid 1: Only vampires can drink it!

The kids put it in a orange juice pretending it's an apology for being mean.

Mean Kids: We're sorry Patch.. Here we made you a drink!

Patch: Thank you!

He drinked the punch.

Patch: I'm feeling dizzy... *faints*


Halre: Patch , your vitals are not normal!

Ms. Miz: Hmm... The vampire essence!

Halre: Patch , did you drink the essence?

Patch: No.. but Armie and Cotton gave me a drink... After that lights out...

Halre: Patch... I really need to bite you!

Patch: No... 

Halre: Please?

Evil Spirit: I shall go to the tooth of that girl..

Posseses the tooth.

Patch: Well then... Alright!

Halre bit Patch.

Patch: Wait..... Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ghhhghhgh!!! T-t-the e-evil.....

Patch gained fangs, red eyes , and a vampire wing..

Halre: Ohh Nooo! He became the ... Evil Vampirate King!


Patch flew away the orphanage.

Forest: I sense an evil guy!

Ace: Me too!

Good Patch: What happened? Why am I up here in the sky?

Forest: Look he's there!

Ace: Hey little vampire toddler! 

Patch: Are you calling me?

Forest: Yeah!

Ace: Can you join us in our team?

Patch : Only if "You" beat me!

Forest: Piece of cake! I will take care of this toddler!

Patch: Miru, Miru , Miru!!

Forest turned into stone.

Ace: What did you do?!

Patch: Can't say..

He turned the moon into sun.

Ace: What?! You did not even burn!

Patch: Guess this battle looks fair and square!

Ace: W-who are you?!

Patch: I'm the evil vampirate king!

Ace: Please turn forest back to normal!

Patch: If you beat me in a battle I will join you and make him normal again...

not yet finished!

Patch quickly finished Ace off..

Patch: Loser!

Good Patch: Ohh.. I mean sorry.. I might just turn this guy back normal ag---a--in

He turned Forest back to normal

Ace: What are you?

Good Patch: A little kid... obviously...

Forest: Phew what happen..?

Dyna: The evil guys!

Good Patch: Umm... hello?

Dyna shoots Patch with a Laser..

Patch: Not gonna be good anymore!

Ace: Let's get outta here! *leaves*

Dee Dee: GRRRR!!